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Eartha Kitt photographed by Gordon Parks, 1952

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Only the trio that’s “Cool Like ‘Dat” drops references to jazz drummer Max Roach and the French philosopher Sartre in the same flowing rhyme that they give props to “the crews on Sugarhill.” It’s the rebirth of slick: where retro-jazz and deep thought meet classic hip-hop. Like this scene that went down one day way back in the future:

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How about when you adopt a language or vice versa, and this language is not able to express your own native language or peculiar experience, i.e. mother tongue and world view, and [yet] the native language hasn’t expanded enough to meet the demands of your global experiences. Worst of all you don’t know how to write in your mother tongue; yet this language you have adopted is beginning to think for you and therefore interprets your experiences contrary to what you mean. The language you have adopted is subverting your own psychic self. You grow to distrust the language itself. You are caught in a situation where you cannot communicate anymore. So can you hold the writer responsible for even not writing at all neither the language he has adopted nor his native language?

Kabu Okai­ Davies, interview with Keith Waldrop (via thotb0t)


The Color Purple, Spanish lobby card. Spanish theatrical release 1986

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The Ashanti Home Touch Hotel

I was invited to photograph the opening night of this mesmerising hotel. It was full of intriguing characters. One of which, Ama Virgin, is the subject of an article and photo series I recently did for Accent magazine. 

Kumasi, Ghana. 

December, 2013.

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Video Girl ~ FKA twigs


Flora Gomes: Post-Colonial Cinema in Guinea-Bissau

‘Whenever Africa is spoken about or depicted, it is always in terms of the aid we receive, war, people dying of starvation, sick people… I want people to see our Africa, the Africa of my dreams, the Africa that I love’ - Flora Gomes

Read the full article on the world-renowned art house director Flora Gomes »

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Indian Hemp, Black Beauty - Chaka Khan, Black Glamour.

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The kind of beauty I want most is the hard-to-get kind that comes from within - strength, courage, dignity.

RIP Ruby Dee (October 27, 1922 - June 11, 2014)

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princess Chelsea ❤️

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